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lets get lost together
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I’m not posting this ironically or as a joke. I think this is an important part of love and trust.

Haha I’ve done this with friends

I never did


Gone but never forgotten, always in our hearts. RIP Kurt Cobain (20/02/1967 - 05/04/1994)




Don’t blink. Just like that you’re six years old and you take a nap and you wake up and you’re twenty-five and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife. Don’t blink, you just might miss your babies growing like mine did, Turning into moms and dads next thing you know your better half of fifty years is there in bed And you’re praying God takes you instead. Trust me friend a hundred years goes faster than you think, So don’t blink.

Too fucking reeaaal.

I wonder if anybody’s actually had feelings for me, like actually got upset or mad over little things I did and got jealous and confused over me and thought about me on a regular basis. I feel like I’m the only person that ever really cares about anyone and that nobody’s ever felt that way for me.


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